Experience exciting heaven in Kakkadampoyil


Enjoy an enchanting holiday with your family & friends at Experience exciting heaven in Kakkadampoyil also known as the mini-Ooty of Malabar. A small town nestled in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Welcome to Sattva Resort and Experience exciting heaven in Kakkadampoyil

There are many options when we are planning a holiday. One might think about the sun, the beach, and all the fun one can have. Many people may consider visiting a busy historical city with many ancient monuments for the ultimate holiday experience. Then some people look at nature in all its beauty and rejuvenate. People of such a mindset can truly enjoy the beauty of nature, waterfalls and watch wildlife. They would choose best family resorts in Kakkadampoyil with Sattva, India’s first zen-inspired resort.

Sattva, The Awakening Garden

Sattva In other words “purity and wisdom”. Buddhism, a ‘Sattva’ is a living being, , entity, or sentient being. The Sattva Resort is situated on 10 acres of lush green terrain in the Western Ghats and surrounded by lush green hills rising 2300 feet above sea level. A trek from the resort leads to stunning locations only few know about and even fewer have seen.

Sattva, The Awakening Garden Resort, features luxury accommodations, a multi-cuisine restaurant, an Ayurvedic spa which offering traditional authentic Malabar Panchakarma treatments, an infinity pool, a children’s playground, and a gym. 

Sattva is appropriate for conferences, workshops, classes, business meetings and gatherings. In addition, we offer the proper facilities for coordinating conferences and seminars in our Pyramid hall and dormitories.

About Location 

In Kakkadampoyil, also referred to as the “Ooty of Malabar,” the resort is located. You can stop and enjoy the scenery from various viewpoints on the way to the spa. There is a beautiful waterfall in this hill station that attracts people from all over the country. Kerala’s forest department recently took control of this waterfall. Tourists can bathe safely in this waterfall is one of its main highlights.


The Sattva meditation resort is located in Kakkadampoyil, a quiet and peaceful place for meditation. It is surrounded by thick forests and deep valleys and is situated at the westernmost tip of the Western Ghats. Kozhikode’s airport is 40 kilometers away, and the city center is 50 kilometers away. In recent years, it has become a significant tourist destination. Many tourists visit this hilltop to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy the cool climate.

A major attraction in Kakkadampoyil forest range is the Kozhippara waterfalls near Kakkadampoyil Kuravan Puzha, featuring multiple safe cascades. The Nilambur forest range borders the Nilambur district. On the other side of the Kuravan river lies the Pantheerayiram forest of Nilambur. Bison and elephants are relatively common here.

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