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Sattva Meditation resort

The sattva meditation resort sits in the silent and peaceful surroundings of Kakkadampoyil. It is one of the unique facility in Kerala that attracts many thousands of national and international visitors annually. The various meditations techniques in the world such as Zen, Sufi, Tao, Tantra, Yoga, and Tibetan were taken and translated by Osho, making them accessible to the people of 21 st century. All the techniques Osho created are ways for modern people to throw off the junk, rubbish, and tensions that surround modern age people and gives a chance of experiencing silence. Almost every meditation has 1-hour duration and it starts with some kind of activity, usually high energy activity that helps to blow off the junk that’s sitting around. Only after this cleansing exercise silence will get a chance to descend.

Sattva meditation Resort is located above 2300 feet above the sea level in 10 acres of land. It offers amazing accommodations for a wide variety of clients along with the meditation. The meditation hall which is known as the Osho pyramid is the place where the daily meditations are offered and it welcomes all spiritual and Wellness aspirants. Apart from the meditation the resort also offers traditional Ayurvedic treatment of Kerala like North Malabar Panchakarma treatment. Experience the amazing natural beauty in a good climate and absorb the peace, tranquility, and solitude.

About Location

The resort is located in high hill station gold Kakkadampoyil which is usually called as the Ooty of Malabar. On the way to the resort, one could stop the vehicle and look at its different viewpoints to enjoy the scenery. There is a very beautiful waterfall in this hill station which attracts a lot of people from all over the country. Very recently Kerala forest department took over the control of this waterfall. The main advantage of this waterfall is that the tourist could bath here very safely.


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