Places to visit in Kakkadampoyil

Places to visit in Kakkadampoyil

Kakkadampoil is an attractive village in the foothills of the Western Ghats. Kakkadampoyil, a small town in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, is located 48 km northeast of Calicut. At an elevation above 2000 feet, it is among the coolest tourist destinations in Malabar.

A lush forest surrounds it, and pristine waterfalls and deep valleys add to its charm. Recently, Kakkadampoyil has become a popular tourist destination, especially among nature lovers. As a result, it is often referred to as “Malabar’s Ooty”. The cold climate draws tourists here to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Visiting here will give you a unique experience due to its natural beauty and waterfalls. Kakadampoil Falls (also known as Kozhipara Falls) is the most prominent attraction in this area.

It is the most excellent place to visit with the family during the summer months because the region enjoys cool weather even in the hot summer months. In the monsoon, Kakadampoi is most beautiful. Mountain views are spectacular in November and December. This is why Kakadampoil is also referred to as “Mini Gavi”.

Places to visit in Kakkadampoyil

The waterfall is the significant Places to visit in Kakkadampoyil. Kozhippara Waterfalls and Valamthode Waterfalls main kakkadampoyil waterfall. 

Kozhippara waterfalls, situated in lush green surroundings in Kozhikode, provide excellent trekking and swimming opportunities in Kerala.

Forests and muddy landscapes surround this spectacular destination, a favorite among adventure enthusiasts.

The place is ideal for trekking and rock climbing because of its lush green surroundings. Many tourists visit this waterfall to enjoy the serene setting of the jungle and feel relaxed among the trees. The forest department protects this waterfall. 

The Valamthode Waterfalls are a sight of beauty and freshness, located about 27 kilometres ahead of the River Chaliyar on Areekode-Mukkam Road.

Pazhassi Raja Cave, where Pazhassi Raja is believed to have rested, is also located in Kakkadampoil. Within 30 km are the Tushara Giri Falls, Muttappan River with its scenic hills, mountains, and waterfalls, Anakallumpara Falls, Aripara Falls Thiruvambadi, Patangayam Falls, Kodakatpara Falls, Pottanpara, and Maripuzha.

Kakkadampoyil Sattva resort

Sattva the awakening garden is one of the top resorts in Kakkadampoyil.

So if you plan a trip to kakkadampoyil, you can stay at sattva.

Sattva, India’s first Zen-inspired resort, occupies 10 acres of verdant terrain at an altitude of 2300 feet. From the resort, you can trek to overwhelmingly beautiful locations that very few people know about, and even fewer have seen.

Sattva’s residential Osho Meditation and Ayurveda Resort offers a multicuisine restaurant, Panchakarma treatment and daily meditation at the Osho Pyramid. 

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