5 Best Places to Visit Kerala in December 2022

Best Places to Visit Kerala in December

Kerala’s breathtaking tourist spots attract travelers from around the world. Backwaters, towns, hill stations, commercial cities, hamlets, and much more await you. Visitors around the globe flock to this destination for its rich heritage and culture. Kerala is ideal for family vacations, romantic getaways, and honeymoons. First, we will know about the weather in Kerala, and then we will speak about the best Kerala destinations that can be visited in December.

Kerala Weather in December

Kerala’s temperature will be similar to November’s. Generally, the temperature does not vary much at this time of year since this is the general trend. Therefore, temperatures are expected to average 81 degrees Fahrenheit, or 27 degrees Celsius, throughout the month.

  • In December, the Kerala average high temperature is 31 °C (88 °F).
  • In December, the Kerala low temperature averages 23°C (71 °F).

The average temperature is the same as it was in November. Just a lot less precipitation and a lot more sunshine.

More information about Kerala’s weather in December is provided below.

  • Sea temperature: 29 °C (83 °F)
  • Sun: 7 hours a day
  • Rainfall: About 4 days in December
  • Rainfall: 4% to 20%

Most popular tourist destinations in Kerala in December:


The “Venice of the East” is another nickname for Alleppey. It is one of Alleppey’s most popular tourist attractions. The backwaters of Kerala are centred in this charming town.

Large backwaters and more than a thousand houseboats can be found there. In addition, tons of rice and other spices were once transported using Alleppey’s boats.

The stunning backwaters of Alleppey make it one of the gorgeous destinations in Kerala in December. Visitors can stay longer and enjoy houseboat cruises during December’s pleasant weather. Large paddy fields, lakes, and fishing villages make this a fantastic tourist destination. The food is presented here on banana and coconut leaves.


Kakkadampoyil is undoubtedly a magical place and one of the best destinations to visit in Kerala in December. 

Located in Kozhikode, the sleepy village of Kakkadampoyil is part of the Koodaranhi Panchayat. This village has developed into an idyllic tourist destination as a result of its scenic beauty and well-known waterfall. With its abundance of flora and fauna, the waterfall on the Kuruvan River has drawn tourists who enjoy a break from city life.

This area has also been referred to as “Mini Gavi” due to its misty mountains and hills and their resemblance to the Gavi forests. The two main tourist attractions are the Pazhassi Caves and the Waterfalls.

The “Mini Gavi” forest is home to elephants, tigers, birds, and butterflies and is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Additionally, it’s a great location for trekking.



Munnar is located 1,600 meters above sea level. This mountain served as a summer retreat in South India for the previous British administration. Kerala’s most popular honeymoon destination is Munnar.

There are many hotels in Munnar where you can stay according to your budget. Munnar is a popular tourist destination due to its vast tea plantations, lovely towns, and winding roads. The rarest plant species can be found here. Each year, the famous Neelakurinji flower gives the hills a blue hue. 

The tallest mountain in South India is Munnar. It is one of Kerala’s stunning hill towns. Munnar is a unique honeymoon destination in Kerala in December because of the breathtaking valleys, serene atmosphere, and vast tea plantations. When visiting Kerala, you can reserve a room in one of the state’s opulent bungalows and have a memorable stay. The Cheeyappara Waterfalls, TATA Tea Centers, and many other stunning locations are also accessible.


Varkala is a quiet, peaceful village. It is located in the district of Thiruvananthapuram. There are many tourist attractions, including the Ashramam-Sivagiri Mutt, a beautiful beach, and a 2000-year-old Vishnu Temple. The Varkala beach is the city’s most well-known landmark. There is a natural spring there, and it is located 10 miles from Varkala.

It is thought that the spring has healing and therapeutic properties. The name “Papanasam Beach” comes from the belief that a bath in the holy waters of this beach can purify the body and the soul of all sins.

Varkala offers excellent lodging for travellers and is quickly establishing itself as a popular health destination with a number of Ayurvedic massage facilities. It’s one of Kerala’s most distinctive and stunning places to visit in December.

You absolutely cannot miss it. An extremely common activity here is water sports. You can engage in a variety of water sports, including horseback riding, surfing, and parasailing. You can see a stunning sunset if you visit this beach in the evening. 


Thekkady a beautiful location for outdoor pursuits like boating and wildlife viewing. Numerous wild animals, including lions, boars, deer, bison, and others, can be seen here.

An exciting trek route departs from Mozhiyar and leads to Thekkady Gavi. Thekkady is home to several well-known attractions, including Elephant Junction, Mudra Cultural Centre, and Chellarkovil.

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