OSHO MEDITATIONS – Knack of remaining RELAXED in life.

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Usually we think that in order to relax, we have to go out,
Meditation offers another possibility: to go in to relax.

The science and technology that has transformed our outer lives has mainly been a Western phenomenon. So the East has provided the primary source of the science that can transform our inner lives.
But in the process of becoming universal, many misconceptions about meditation have arisen. It is “religious” that it is sitting under challenging postures, perhaps with your ankle round your neck with a holy look on your face to hide the discomfort, maybe even humming or chanting some esoteric-sounding mantra. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then OSHO MEDITATION is for you.
Here mediation is made simple, ordinary, and the natural component of a contemporary lifestyle. And increasingly, an essential part too. Being aware of yourself and your surroundings is the essence of meditation.

Life has taught us to struggle, fight, focus, to concentrate on succeeding. The trouble with this approach is that the more we work, the tenser we become. And the tenser we are, the worse we perform. So the meditative path is to understand that awareness is essential to being at our best and receiving the most from each moment. And to be aware, we need to be relaxed.
Such are the pressures of modern life that there has never been a more restless world. Never have people been so tense. With OSHO meditation techniques, people can adapt a contemporary approach to suit their modern minds.

The knack for remaining relaxed in our busiest day is called “alertness with no effort” – the essential experience of meditation. It doesn’t matter if you feel you have no time for meditation. You can still find a variety of techniques in OSHO meditations that you can integrate into your schedule seamlessly.

Simple understandings underlie OSHO Meditation. Rather than fighting darkness, which is impossible anyhow, turn on the lights.  Instead of fighting with ourselves, trying to improve, or living up to others’ expectations, we can start by accepting ourselves for who we are.

In OSHO MEDITATIONS, you will experience calming the mind by learning how this invaluable bio-computer can be your greatest friend  & how to find the “off” button. So when you need the sense, you can use it. When you don’t need it, you can let it rest quietly – ready for when you need it again – free from its endless chattering quality.

Someone insults you, imagine being able to choose when and how to respond, free from the usual knee-jerk reaction to strike back, creating those endless vicious spirals in which our relationships can slowly drown.
And what of freedom? There is no greater freedom than being what we were meant to be. There is no greater freedom than to be free of others’ expectations, to live our lives spontaneously, with awareness.
And the ultimate paradox of OSHO meditation is that when we finally learn to love ourselves – in fact, only when we can love ourselves – are we able to share that love with others. But first, we must start with ourselves.

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